Summer 2012 All-Star Teams

All-Star Player Eligibility

By Little League rules players are required to participate in at least 60% of regular spring season games in order to be considered for selection to Little League all-star tournament teams.  Team managers will be required to verify the number of games played by every player on their rosters.  Eligible players must reside within the Capitol City Little League boundary area or have a full eligibility waiver from Little League International.

Eligibility for the 12U team is restricted to league age 11- and 12-year olds playing in the Majors.  Eligibility for the 10U team is restricted to league age 9- and 10-year olds playing in the Majors or Minors. 

Selections for the all-star teams will be based on performance during Capitol City Little League games, not on performance in any outside baseball programs.  There is absolutely no requirement to participate in any outside baseball programs, such as Extra Play programs, in order to be considered for the all-star teams.  By rule, once official Little League all-star tournament play begins, no player will be allowed to participate in other outside baseball programs.

All-Star Team Managers and Coaches

All-star team managers will be selected by the league President with the approval of the Board of Directors.  The league will provide a formal process each year for managers and coaches interested in being considered for appointment as an all-star team manager to submit an application.  We will provide more information on this by late January.

Major league division managers and coaches are eligible to manage or coach all-star teams at the 12U and 10U levels.  Minor league division managers and coaches are eligible to manage or coach the 10U all-star team.  Appointed managers may choose their assistant coaches from among the eligible manager and coach candidates.

All-Star Player Selection Procedure
The focus for the player selection process is to field the most competitive teams possible to represent Capitol City.

12U Team
Selection of players will be based on the model recommended by Little League Baseball and will include voting by players, team managers, and official team coaches.  Managers, coaches, and players in the Majors Division will choose their all-star picks from a ballot listing all eligible players.  Every player on Majors teams is entitled to vote.  Valid ballots from players must have between 9 and 12 picks.  Valid ballots from managers and coaches must have 12 picks.  All ballots must be submitted to the election coordinator by no later than the first week in June.  The names will be counted from each of the groups (players, managers, and coaches).  Using a weighted voting system, the nine players receiving the most votes will automatically be offered a spot on the all-star team.  The all-star team manager will then fill out the remainder of the all-star team roster from the list of the next 13 ranked players depending on the specific needs of the team and the number of players on the final roster.  By Little League rules, all-star team selections will be not announced before June 15 and not until availability and eligibility of all prospective team members is verified.

10U Team
As both minors and majors players are eligible for the 10U team and since it is likely that many of these players may be unfamiliar with each other, the league will not use a voting process to determine selections for the 10U team.   For this team, tryouts will be held no earlier than June 15.  All families in the Majors and Minors will be notified of the exact time and location of tryouts, but only league age 9- and 10-year olds who live within the Cap City boundary or have received the appropriate waiver are eligible to participate.  All players wishing to be considered must participate in the tryout.  The 10U all-star manager will oversee selection of the team in consultation with coaches designated by the manager to help administer the tryout process.  Current managers of players who try out will be asked to submit a standard evaluation form of the player to the 10U all-star manager to provide additional information to the manger to inform selection of the team.


League families who would like their children to participate in the all-star program will be asked to commit to a set schedule of practices, preparatory games, and tournament games.  Some allowance will be made for families to take reasonable leave for special events and vacation.  But, generally, players will need to commit to participating 6 days a week for practices/games.  We expect practices to begin on, or shortly after, June 15, 2011.  Players and their parents will be required to sign and follow a code of conduct in order to participate on all-star teams.

Important summer dates

The Washington DC tournament for 10U teams is scheduled for ____________. The 10U tournament champion will continue on to the Maryland state tournament that is generally held in mid- to late July. The Washington DC tournament for 12U teams is scheduled to begin on __________. The 12U tournament champion will continue on to the Eastern Regional tournament usually held in early to mid-August in Bristol, Connecticut.  We hope to have mor information on dates by mid-January.

(Posted 1/02/12)

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