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Thank you for considering me for the CCLL Board.  I still remember the sports coaches who made the greatest impact on me as a child.  Those coaches -- and the wonderful lessons of teams sports -- inspired me to coach high school basketball at my alma mater for three years after I graduated college nearly twenty years ago.

Being the parent of a CCLL child has afforded me the opportunity to finally get back into coaching -- albeit informally -- after a long layoff.  While the joy of coaching my son was something I did anticipate about fatherhood, my experience helping out with the Grays this season has truly reignited my passion for teaching kids.  The best part of my week was getting high fives from kids, or seeing teammates cheer one another on or encourage each other through challenges.

I love our local youth baseball culture -- from our leagues, to great institutions like Home Run Baseball Camp.  Baseball is a wonderful avenue to teach our kids values that we hall hold dear -- hard work, kindness, perseverance, teamwork, and self esteem.  I would be honored to help lead CCLL and bestow the gifts of team sports upon the kids of our community.



I have been a part of the CCLL community for more than five years, since my oldest son Will started playing in the National Divison in Spring 2012. He currently plays in the Majors Division, while his younger brother Jack plays in single A. Our daughter Hadley also played for several seasons in CCLL.

I believe strongly in CCLL’s mission and the role that recreational sports can play in teaching our kids the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play. I’m a lifelong baseball fan, having played little league myself, as well as high school baseball and recently a couple of seasons of adult baseball. I am also an attorney, former prosecutor, and serve on the Board of another non-profit organization. Accordingly, I understand the commitment and responsibilities that accompany Board service. If elected, I will work to ensure all of Cap City’s activities are safe, well organized, and most of all fun. Joining the Board would give me an opportunity to repay in a small way the other parents who have volunteered years of their time coaching my children. Thank you for your consideration.



As the mother of an 8 year-old Cap City Little Leaguer for the past 4 seasons (as well as an 11 year-old competitive gymnast), it has been my pleasure to watch my son grow in so many ways doing what he loves. My husband is the assistant coach of our son’s team (the Presidents) and it is great to see them out on the field together. While my strengths do not lie in coaching, I do believe that there is a space for me to contribute in my son’s Little League experience and that is on the Cap City Little League (CCLL) Board.

My 15 years’ experience in the areas of community outreach/advocacy, event/meeting planning, special events, volunteer coordination, fundraising and website content development would all be key contributions to the growth of CCLL Board.

As a product of the District of Columbia Public Schools (Paul Laurence Dunbar Senior High School- Tennis) and growing up having summer jobs with DC Department of Recreation, I would love to be in a position to give back to the community that has given so much to me. Growing up in Washington, DC, I remember playing on many of the fields that my son plays on now, watching friends compete, and working at various summer camps.

During the last 5 years, I have been working in my most important role to date as Wife and Mother. In the summer of 2012 I made the decision to become the CEO of the Williams household. Having served as Volunteer Coordinator on the Parent Association Board and a member of the Gala Committee at my children’s school, has allowed me to continue to improve my communication skills, event planning skills and fundraising skills.

If chosen, I am committed to bringing those skills and capabilities to the board and working with the other members to insure that our children have a FUN and a wonderful environment to play baseball in.

Thank you, for your consideration and I hope to be working with you soon!



I have been a CapCity Parent for eight years and a CapCity coach for six years.  I am completing a two-year stint on the Board and would be willing if elected to serve another term.  My priority on the board has focused on ensuring a quality, enjoyable experience for all CapCity baseball and softball players regardless of skill level.  I am a firm believer that Little League should be about teaching our children about sportsmanship and having fun with friends in a team environment, and thus I view an important role of the Board to make sure that both the children and adults in the League are living up to that ideal.



Over the last three years, I have served as a coach of my son’s team in the two lower divisions.  Every season has been a real privilege – whether we were winless or we had a winning record, it’s been an honor to teach these young people the game, as well as the important life lessons of teamwork, sportsmanship, and grit.

Inspired by my players and the positive role little league can have for our youth, I would be honored to serve on the Board of Capitol City Little League for three reasons.

  1. To build upon the strong foundation of CCLL.  As a volunteer-driven organization, the league plays a valuable role in the lives of our players, as well as our community.  The league must continue to find innovative ways to create community partnerships that will help its economic viability and allow it to provide an outstanding baseball experience that is affordable to all.
  2. To create opportunities where coaches can share best practices that promote the development of all of its players.   In my coaching, I’ve tried to find ways to help make baseball meaningful for the veteran as well as the rookie, the slugger as well as the player with special needs, and have relied on the advice of more experienced coaches in achieving this balance. In addition to coaches clinics, maybe we could create a “message board’ on the website where coaches could look to one another for best practices of coaching, rule interpretations, or team dynamics.
  3. Finally, I believe that Little League can help create bridges across the city.  Since the arrival of the Nationals, Washington is now a baseball town. While I believe our primary focus should be supporting CCLL, I think it would be fantastic if we created opportunities for our players to interact with teams from our sister leagues.  By doing so, we could learn from one another, have fun, and help bring our city together. One example could be voluntarily pairing teams together for a joint practice.

I’m grateful for the CCLL Board, the coaches, and the parents for making CCLL truly a dynamic, community-minded organization.  It would be an honor to help build upon its success.



I have been involved with Capital City Little League over the past 4 years as a parent and coach.  I am currently serving a volunteer coach in the AA Division, helping with the development of young athletes, who have a passion for baseball.  I am a native Washingtonian, who has also worked as a public school teacher in the city, where I have coached many different sports.  I believe sports are great vehicles to teach life skills and how to work with others to accomplish a goal.  Driven by this belief, I would gladly give of my time and effort to support the Board of Capital City Little League in providing a positive environment for young athletes to have an outlet where they can develop the skills they need to be successful on the diamond and in life.



Recently, my son told me he didn't think I had what it took to be a head coach.  While I have ignored good advice before and still hope to change his mind, I would be honored to serve as CCLL Board Member.  Over the last few years, I have held the titles as an Assistant Coach, Batting Coach, involved dad and fan. In each role, my appreciation has only expanded in terms of how baseball offers a wonderful opportunity for our childrens growth - especially how the game is practiced in CCLL.  From the hitting challenged kid standing on second base with a broad smile to the pitcher on the mound with one out, three errors, and four runs in already, there are so many moments to accomplish new feats and face their fears - and ultimately to mature as individuals and teammates.  It is our responsibility to provide the structured, supportive atmosphere that allows that growth to happen. The kids and coaches are appropriately front and center, but I would welcome the opportunity to provide support in the myriad of work that helps make it all possible - from setting the right competitive tone at each level, finding quality umpires and fields, and much more that I am sure I would come to appreciate.  I would hope to build on CCLL as a competitive yet enjoyable, fully inclusive little league experience for our kids.



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