Boundary Map


Capitol City Little League Programs are open to children and teenagers who reside within specific boundaries in Northwest Washington. The CCLL program is open only to District of Columbia residents.


Baseball Boundaries:  See Map Below.  Boundaries extend from intersection of Western Avenue and Rock Creek Park, West along Western Avenue to its intersection with River Road; South along River Road to its intersection with Wisconsin Avenue; South along Wisconsin Avenue to its intersection with Porter Street; East along Porter Street its intersection with Rock Creek; North along Rock Creek to its intersection with Military Road; East along Military Road; continuing East along Missouri Avenue to its intersection with Georgia Avenue; North along Georgia Avenue to its interesection with Eastern Avenue; Northwest along the DC-Maryland border to the northernmost point of Washinton DC; Southwest along the DC-Maryland border to the intersection of Western Avenue and Rock Creek Park.

Boundary Waivers: If a prospective player lives outside the boundaries and wishes to play in the league, waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Cap City Little League and in compliance with International Little League guidelines. Players and families should be aware that out-of-boundaries players are ineligible for post-season tournament play.

Softball Boundaries:  There are no boundary restrictions to play softball, except players must live in D.C. or Maryland.

Schools in  Boundary:  Blessed Sacrament, Burke, Center City PCS Brightwood, DC International School, Deal, Hearst, Lafayette, LAMB, Lowell, Murch, Shepherd, Sheridan, Sidwell Friends (Upper School Only)