Principles and Skills


CCLL is a recreational league, meant to provide the best possible baseball experience for every player


Committed to:

  • Teaching the core baseball skills and an understanding and appreciation for the game
  • Respect - for coaches, teammates, umpires and opponents
  • Hustle/Hard Work/Effort
  • Fun


Coaches' Job

  • Have a written practice plan for each practice or at least coordinated objectives amongst coaches (NOTE: The league has resources to suggest specific drills and approaches to practice - available upon request)
  • Teach the game well to all their players (see skills matrix)
  • Create a positive and fun environment - criticism necessary and ok, when balanced with encouragement/recognition
  • Build sense of "team"
  • Set a positive example of sportsmanship
  • Make sure all Players play hard - rewarding effort as much or more than results
  • Commit to developing every player - even the most difficult - while still challenging advanced players to improve
  • Find good things that every player does and point them out - while also pointing out mistakes (within reason)
  • Communicate with Players, parents, coaches, league
  • Give Players a chance (e.g., if they want to pitch, find a way)
  • Respect umpires (even when they are egregiously wrong 🙂 )
  • Seek parental help and use it if offered (optional but encouraged) - develop a core set of assistants
  • Talk to team briefly prior to and after every game - using the teaching opportunity
  • Have a first aid kit at each game and practice
  • Plan players' positions before games to ensure balanced playing time
  • Teach all players an infield and outfield defensive position
  • Advise the league of any significant issues - good or bad
  • Balance trying to win with players' development


Coaches Should Strive To Not

  • Favor their own child
  • Relegate any player to the end of the bench (so long as they participate in practices and games and put forth honest effort)
  • Risk players' health (throwing arms, concussions, especially)
  • Walk any player intentionally


Parents' Job

  • Respect the Coaches
  • Help with practices, scorekeeping, whatever if they can
  • Respect all players and umpires
  • Communicate - if they have a problem, if their Player has a problem they need to go to the coach first to talk it out; to others if needed
  • Get Players to practices and games on time
  • Give coaches warning if practice or game will be missed
  • Make sure the Players practice on their own


Players' Job

  • Come to practice and games on time and ready to go
  • Work hard
  • Get better
  • Show respect
  • Have fun
  • Communicate - if they are hurt, upset, whatever
  • Sit with teammates during games (not w parents, friends, etc.)


Umpires' Job

  • Know the Rules
  • Respect the CCLL recreational teaching environment


Practices Should

  • Include some (not too much) verbal instruction - including explaining which skills are being taught in each practice
  • Start with warm-up throws
  • Focus on a few specific skills
  • Keep players busy - minimizing down time (multiple stations encouraged)
  • Mix encouragement and constructive criticism appropriately
  • Mix in some creative, fun drills (avoid over repetition)

About Capitol City Little League

Capitol City Little League (CCLL) is a volunteer run organization focused on introducing and teaching baseball and softball to our children - ages 4 to 14. Each season, more than 500 children participate in CCLL. To see our boundaries and eligibility information, click here.
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