CCLL NEEDS YOU to step up to officiate baseball games for the children in our community. It’s rewarding and can be a lot of fun if you’re a baseball lover. We are piloting a new grassroots umpiring program this season and tinkering with the balance of volunteerism/compensation/incentives. Help us inaugurate it!

The Little League ideal is to have volunteer umpires. There are great reasons for this: everything else in little league is built on volunteerism, it can actually increase quality, builds community and enthusiasm, and gives us more control to run games following our values and rules. Still, it’s a challenge to pull off. But with sports official shortages rippling across the country at all levels, the association we used to hire umpires through no longer has the capacity for our games. That challenge provides us with an opportunity to grow a volunteer umpire structure for our league. YOU’RE INVITED!

Who Should Umpire?
*Students. Receive a community service hours or payment for games worked

*Coaches and parents. Help your team and others

*Community members. You do not have to be otherwise affiliated with CCLL

*If you love baseball and have a working knowledge of the game and some spare time, we want you!

What’s In It For You?
*Community service hours -or- payment with option to donate back

*Free training

*Mentorship/guidance under league Umpire-In-Chief

*Umpire shirt

*Shared equipment/gear

*Appreciation perks (tbd)


What Else Do I Need to Know?

Umpires will call games in our AA (8-10), AAA (9-11), Majors (10-12) divisions, starting with younger/easier games and progressing to older kids when comfortable. You can schedule yourself for as many or as few games as you like. Volunteers umpires will register as official volunteers with our league and be covered by our insurance when working games.

Taking on a few games will really help our kids. And you may be surprised by how much you enjoy it! Maybe you’ll be inspired to become a high school, college, or MLB umpire. You could!

In growing an umpire program for our league, we want to create the best baseball we can for our players and further build community around youth baseball. Beyond that, we are excited to be part of a solution that will grow ability and interest in sports officiating at a time when officials are desperately needed.